Thursday, March 17, 2011

Zaha Hadid's vases in "The Language of Things" by Deyan Sudjic (p.93)

In the chapter "Luxury", Deyan Sudjic presents the pursuit of luxury as "more ubiquitous than at any previous moment in history". Through his description of the famous departement store in London, Selfridges, "a museum in wich everything is for sale", he counts Zaha Hadid's vases as one of the most-desireful (and most-desired) objects.
Zaha Hadid, by her blurring of boundaries between what is art and what is design, attained the rank of the most searched-after contemporary designers.

"At a secular moment, in which neither magic nor religion - the original mainsprings of art - has quite the prestige that it once enjoyed, luxury can be understood as a synthetic alternative. For certain objects, the concept of luxury is used to create the aura that art once provided" - Deyan Sudjic.

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